Most Popular Types Of Yoga Practices In The World (Part 1)

Below are the most popular types of yoga in the world.

Bizarre yoga trends

In addition to the popular types of Yoga mentioned below, there are many strange yoga trends created and spread in a certain community such as follows.

Dog yoga: practice yoga with your pet.

Goat yoga: instead of practicing with a cute dog / pet and a family member, you will practice yoga with a goat jumping on your back for the purpose of feeling love from warm goats and feeling happier.

Naked yoga: Yoga practice in a state of complete nudity. Usually people who are extremely confident with their bodies or have a liberal, relaxed mindset to pursue this Yoga trend.

Beer yoga: sounds strange, right? But actually Beer Yoga is the most popular response. Try practicing Yoga with your favorite beer to see the excitement effect it brings.

Anti-gravity yoga: A trend of aerial yoga with a hammock or silk band hanging from above. In recent years, this trend of Yoga practice has been widely accepted and known under the Vietnamese name as Yoga flying or Yoga in the air.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is the premise and foundation of all other types of Yoga. Hatha Yoga gentle yoga, suitable for beginners or those who are proficient in yoga and want to relax. Practicing Hatha Yoga, you will practice physical exercises (collectively called asanas or asanas) in order to regain balance for the body through stretching, stretching, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques and meditation.

Kundalini Yoga

In yoga, « kundalini » refers to an underground source of energy in the spine. The purpose of Kundalini Yoga is to awaken, exploit and release this energy.

Kundalini Yoga is one of the most mysterious types of yoga for mental and physical activities. It focuses on breathing, chanting, meditation and hand gestures, so most exercises are done in a sitting position.

Kundalini yoga will help develop mind, awareness and consciousness. You should not follow this type of Yoga if you are looking for a completely physical experience or prejudice against the spiritual world.