Top basic poses in yoga for beginners

Yoga is a normal exercise for many people in busy life. The fact that, all people should join outdoor activities to boost health better and more durably. But when you are busy with working or household choice, you can’t spend more time to play tennis, volleyball or swimming.

In case, yoga is the best choice because you can practice it at home. Only doing research some basic rule of yoga, then you can take action it easily. In this article, we continue to share top basic poses in yoga which is suitable for any beginners.

4/ Triangle

Triangle pose is also a basic posture to strengthen leg and tone, widen lungs and lengthen two sides of waist.

In some first times, you feel a little tired and painful to follow this posture. But then your body will give feedback positively. All bones are taken care carefully so you are full of energy after finish triangle pose.

Introduction: standing up so that distance of 2 legs is enough further, about one leg’s length. Then move both arms to 2 sides of shoulder. Turn your right foot at 90 degrees whereas only turn your left foot at 45 degrees. The next, you put your right hand down on the ankle and lift the remain arm up to ceiling.

5/ Tree

As this name, tree posture is awesome to get balance for any beginner. It helps you to gain more focus because you need to know how to breath slowly when standing and maintaining body by one foot.

The fact that, this post is not difficult but effect is dramatically big.

Introduction: standing up and placing your right foot on inner left thing. Raising your hands in prayer and find a fixed spot to focus and breath.