Top 5 Popular Types Of Yoga Practices In The World

Below are top 5 popular types of yoga in the world. Let’s check out!

Vinyasa Yoga

In Indian, the word « Vinyasa » means « connected, » each of your movements being combined with the breath (breathing in, exhaling).

Vinyasa is a branch of Ashtanga Yoga so the movements will also be practiced at a fast and continuous pace, but there will be no set rules or special movements in this Vinyasa Yoga class. Teachers can freely create and build a more spiritual exercise when combining breathing, mantras (Om chanting) and meditation, a Vinyasa Yoga session often ends with resting position.

Iyengar Yoga

Created by B.K.S. Iyengar, this type of yoga is great for people who are experiencing trauma problems. Iyengar emphasizes detail, accuracy and alignment in the practice of postures (asana) and breath control (pranayama).

Iyengar Yoga is often practiced with equipment (such as strings, practice pillows, blankets, etc.) to support the postures. The device allows students to perform poses correctly, minimizing the risk of injury or stress, suitable for practicing at any age or different subjects.

Hot Yoga

Yoga is quite similar to Bikram Yoga, but you are not limited to a series of 26 postures that can be more creative. Hot Yoga and Bikram Yoga are suitable for those who like to practice sports in sweaty and liberated condition.

Ashtanga Yoga

Also known as Power Yoga – is a type of yoga with intense intensity training, fast speed with a series of movements are arranged in a predetermined order.

The Ashtanga Yoga episode mainly focuses on breathing, bandhas (energy lock), and drishti (fixed point of view), and the postures are constantly connected. Although very good, Ashtanga Yoga is not recommended if you are a beginner, do not have enough flexibility and strength, physically not suitable for such a strong and fast workout.

Anusara Yoga

Anusara Yoga, or « Yoga of the Heart », was founded by John Friend in the 1990s. After a scandal, John Friend resigned as the leader of Anusara Yoga in 2012, but there are still many Anusara Yoga classes available. practiced in the world, though it may not carry this name anymore.

After some Anusara Yoga classes, you will feel all the typical benefits of practicing ordinary asanas (Yoga postures), including increasing strength, keeping your body flexible and calm, lighter.