9 famous Yoga destinations in the world (Part 2)

Let’s continue the list of 9 famous yoga destinations in the world.

Sedona, Arizona

Sedona is one of the wonderful and mystical destinations for yoga in the United States. Native Americans keep it sacred for spiritual renewal, health care and healing. This place is said to have four main energy vortices. There are countless spa treatments and holistic treatments.

Nature lovers can choose to attend yoga sessions, seminars, yoga courses and classes. Check out the annual Sedona Yoga Festival held from March 9-12 and draw illustrious yoga figures from around the world.

Hariharalaya, Cambodia

Named after the Cambodian interpretation of a deity characterized by the Hindu deities Vishnu and Shiva, Hariharalaya dates from 800-1000 BC, the capital of Vedic Cambodia.

About 10 km away from Siem Reap, Hariharalaya Center restaurants include vegetarian meals, meditation, yoga retreats. In addition, there are more than 40 annual retreats on yoga, meditation and conscious life. The main purpose is long-term, not just practice yoga for a few days and then leave, but to inculcate yoga as a lifestyle change habit, don’t hope to find wi-fi here, because the village only has electricity.

Pune, India

Pune is the birthplace of India’s most famous Yoga legend: B.K.S Iyengar. He introduced the idea of ​​using props such as ropes to help students with movement restrictions, thus making practice more therapeutic and accessible.

The Ramanani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute was established in the late 18th century. Combine this with a weekend trip to the UNESCO heritage site of Ajanta cave, with sculptures and stone monuments carved out of stone. The cave prayer monasteries are filled with AD art of the 5th century.

Bali, Philippines

Eat, Pray, Love has brought Bali into everyone’s health care life as one of the best yoga spots, and not without reason. Deeply rooted in ancient Hindu philosophy, this place is a hot spot for holistic healers.