Tips to start yoga in pregnancy safely (Part 1)

It’s no secret that yoga brings a lot of benefits for women and baby in pregnancy, both physical and mental.

However, there are some key modifications you should adjust while pregnant so that it’s safe for your baby.

Here we share several tips you should know to start yoga effectively in the pregnancy process.

1, Choose place with good air

In the pregnancy, your temperature is hotter than normally. Especially, in the exercise, you practice more, you are easy to flow lather. You feel tired or uncomfortable in this situation.

It’s better to find some places near the door or window, where you can receive more breeze.

Once you can avoid heating, you enjoy the exercise more usefully. It’s better for your baby.

2, Drink water

In the normal rule of yoga class, instructors can require not to drink water during the exercise so that you focus on lesson fully.

However, drinking water is extremely necessary and important for any pregnant. Therefore, you should provide water during yoga class. It’s good for your body and baby.

3, Practice with your breath

Some doctors point out theory that connecting with your breath is essential during your labor as well keeping your mind and nervous system in peace.

One tip to practice with your breath effectively is doing yoga. In yoga, there are many poses related to your breath exercises. 

Instead of doing intense breath exercise, you should focus on slight breath which control the length of per inhale and exhale process properly and maintain it in a long time. It’s better as well brings many effects for pregnant.

Even, some doctors require the women to inhale and exhale everyday as a fixed rule about timeout. This practice is important to practice for labor smoothly.