Some mistakes in yoga that should be avoided (Part 2)

Whether you are new to yoga for a few sessions, months or years, we are confident that you will still receive very practical benefits for your health. The more you practice yoga for a long time, the healthier you feel.

4. Drink water while practicing

Perhaps many people are quite surprised because most sports are advised to supplement water during practice. However, in yoga, coaches recommend that drinking water should not be taken during practice, as well as before and after training.

The reason is that the organs of the body are in active state, difficult to absorb water. Therefore, you need to drink water before practicing for at least 30 minutes and after practicing for about 10 minutes. Remember to take small sips from time to time to avoid pressure on the internal organs in your body.

Notice how to drink water before, during and after yoga sessions!

5. Clothes are not suitable

Many people mistakenly believe that when practicing yoga, choose clothes that are as wide as you can. However, this is a subject that requires changing a lot of different yoga poses such as bending, bending, standing, or banana, etc.

Therefore, slightly tight and elastic clothes will be more appropriate during practice. In addition, you should prioritize the selection of clothes with cool fabrics, sweat-absorbent material.

The selection of suitable yoga also plays an important role.

6. Not persistent

Coming to yoga, you need to determine this is a training regime that requires regularity and long term. Many people only practice after a few weeks, a few months have not seen the effect immediately discouraged and give up. This is really a big mistake.

Ask yourself « Why do people do it but you don’t? » What you need to do now is just perseverance and persistence of regular exercise, « sweet fruit » will be for you. To avoid getting depressed, start with basic yoga exercises at home before practicing harder movements.

The principle when practicing yoga is to be persistent.

7. Excessive exercise

In contrast to the above, many people make mistakes when they cannot determine their health status and train too much. In particular, those who wish to practice yoga lose weight often. As a result, the muscles are easily over-strained and cause unwanted injuries.

Feel your own body to know where your strength is and get used to each movement. Remember the principle in yoga is to practice from basic to advanced movements, absolutely not in a hurry.