7 common mistakes when practicing yoga and prevention tips (Part 2)

Let’s continue the list of 7 common mistakes when practicing yoga tips!

  1. Drink water while exercising

Perhaps many people are quite surprised because most sports are advised to replenish water during exercise. However, in yoga, coaches recommend that you should not drink water while exercising, as well as right before and after practicing.

The reason is that the organs of the body are in a state of strong activity, it is difficult to absorb water. Therefore, you need to drink water at least 30 minutes before training and after about 10 minutes. Remember to take small sips slowly to avoid pressure on the internal organs.

Notice how to drink water before, during and after yoga session.

  1. Exercise clothes that are not suitable

Choosing the right yoga clothes also plays an important role.  Many people mistakenly believe that when choosing yoga, the wider the clothes, the easier to practice.

However, this is a subject that requires changing a lot of different yoga postures such as bending, bending, standing legs or planting banana trees, etc.

Therefore, the clothes are a bit tight and stretchy will really more appropriate during training. In addition, you should prioritize choosing clothes that have cool fabric, which is easy to absorb sweat.

  1. Not persevering

The principle when practicing yoga is to be persistent.

Coming to yoga, you need to identify this is a training regime that requires regularity and long term. Many people just practice after a few weeks, months have not seen the effect immediately depressed and give up. This is really a big mistake.

Ask yourself, « Why can people do it, but not you? ». What you need to do now is just perseverance and consistent exercise, « sweet fruit » will be for you. To avoid becoming depressed, start with basic yoga exercises at home before doing more difficult movements.

  1. Overtraining

Contrary to the above, many people make the mistake of not being able to identify their physical condition but overtraining. In particular, people wishing to practice weight loss yoga often suffer. As a result, the muscles are easily over-stretched and cause unintended injuries.

Feel your own body to know your endurance and gradually get used to each movement. Remember the principle in yoga is to practice from basic to advanced movements, absolutely not in a hurry.