Major rules in yoga (Part 2)

Yoga become a popular sport with everyone. It’s easy and convenient to turn on video then follow yoga class at your home. It can save your time but still bring great benefits about health and physicals. Hence, it becomes a great choice for someone busy but still practice exercise.

However, yoga has strict principles.

To maximum result, you should know detail about yoga rules before starting action. Here we share major rules about yoga.

From the former article, we refer 3 rules: caring about your stable breath, using a yoga mat and wearing suitable clothes. Now, we continue to go the next rules.

4, Following one online class

Someone prefer to do yoga when they are free. While they will quit it if they feel tired or busy. It’s not good when you don’t have fixed time to do exercise. This is the main reason why someone usually gives up this habit after being affected by some factors.

To solve this issue, you should register an online yoga class and follow progress fluently.

It can bring good effect for your entire body.

5, Don’t wear socks

Someone prefer to use socks to embrace feet comfortably.

However, it’s not good for your exercise. You can make trouble in standing poses when wearing sock. It’s better to take off it. You can feel better with real feet.

6, Turn off smartphone or any electronics

To focus completely on exercise, you should turn off smartphone or any electronics which makes you neglected.

Once you spend all mind on yoga, you can realize something new or effect from this sport.

7, Don’t make pressure for yourself

As referred, yoga is a strict sport requiring people many skills.

You can’t compare your ability with better other then, feel disappointed yourself.

Do any pose which suits with your mind and your body. Yoga is not a competition.