Top basic poses in yoga for beginners

Yoga is one of the most favorite workout in the modern life, both the male and female due to series of health benefits as well convenience itself in the busy day. A part of group choose going to a yoga class to follow correct instructions from teachers. It’s better to reach benefits most.

However, someone can’t arrange fixed time to join a yoga class, they still practice yoga at their home by doing basic poses as followings.

It’s easy to open some taught videos on the Internet then follow their instructions step by step, then you can do it by yourself at home. We summarize some basic poses in yoga in this article.

1/ Standing poses

Standing poses often is one of the first pose you should take action to warm up your body to the next poses.

According to vinyasa style in yoga, player can connect and combine some movements in standing poses to make long sequences. While the hatha classes, standing poses usually is worked in another pose.

2/ Balancing poses

This pose is a key pose to build up the core strength for other advanced poses. Another way, when you can get the balancing poses smoothly, you can try another step.

In the first time, players feel difficult to stand balanced. Then the status will be improved better from balancing poses. It is powerful to practice other gestures well.

3/ Backbends

This pose is suitable for a beginner when it is a medium to practice yoga daily. Players try to bend gentle flexion as well spine extension.

Once anyone keep a seat in a long time for working, backbends is a good practice to keep spinal health and longevity. This pose supports your back and head with more power and strength.