6 common misunderstandings about Yoga (Part 2)

Yoga is light and boring

You will be cool if you practice Yoga really hard. Only when experienced by this subject does the practitioner know it is not « as gentle » as what they see with the eyes.

Currently, there are many new types of interesting yoga such as flying yoga, laughing yoga, underwater yoga. If you think that yoga is boring, because they do not know all the diversity of yoga.

Yoga suits women better

This is a mistake that makes you afraid of the subject. Yoga emphasizes flexibility, slowness and technique, so many women like this subject. But Yoga also needs force to support. Yoga experts are people who can bear very good strength, tons of very strong, large weight support and long.

Yoga is not as weak as what men think. Yoga is for everyone, if you want to be healthy, want to be happy, want to live well, you can practice Yoga.

Yoga is all about physical exercises

According to a Yoga magazine survey, more than half of Yoga lovers in the US practice this sport with the main purpose of physical exercise, 78% said they want the body to be flexible. However, this is only a modern view. Such thoughts almost never exist in the history of Yoga.

Beginning in the 7th and 8th centuries, Buddhists, Hindus and Jainas adapted Yoga into many systems for different purposes. From becoming an incarnate god to developing supernatural abilities like invisible or flying. By the early days of modern Yoga, the main purpose was related to meditation or psychology rather than physical training. If you are stressed or want to improve your mental health, Yoga is the ideal subject to choose.

Above are six common misunderstandings about yoga. It is one of the best sports to keep fit for not only people in France but also around the world. Practice this helpful sport now to keep fit and stay healthy!