6 common misunderstandings about yoga (Part 1)

Yoga is a fascinating subject, known by many people. If you are intending to pursue Yoga, you should find out carefully to avoid misunderstandings.

Many people are afraid to come to Yoga and many people give up after a period of practice. Because they often make 6 misunderstandings below about yoga.

You must have a flexible body to practice Yoga

This is a wrong perspective that many people make. The body is dry, limp is the reason for Yoga.

Yoga helps you find and maintain the inherent flexibility of the body. All movements are suitable with the ability of the practitioner. Each day improves a bit, do not overdo it. In Yoga, there is no comparison of who is better, more flexible or more beautiful, but the ultimate goal is to improve the body.

Yoga helps to lose weight, good posture

Yoga does not cause weight loss, only muscle tone. The main effect of Yoga is to circulate blood through the movements that connect breathing, mind and body movement.

Practicing properly will « awaken » the flexibility and flexibility of the body. Of course, the physical exercise of the limbs will help the body to be stronger and healthier, but practicing Yoga does not help your three rounds reach the standard as people think.

Yoga classes are the same

In the development journey, Yoga now not only helps protect health and relax, but also divided into small benefits. There are Yoga exercises for pregnant women, people with heart disease, high blood pressure, the elderly, children, Yoga treatment. Each exercise has its own purpose depending on each object.

Yoga experts will compose exercises focusing on a certain purpose. Before attending Yoga, you need to clearly define what your purpose is to choose the right class, avoid attending the wrong class, do not feel the desired results leading to quick depression and early abandonment.