Which workout is good to lose weight

Playing sport is a good way for weight loss. Almost people choose sport as a useful way. However, per sport has other benefits and effects. Also depending on your favorite and condition, you will choose a proper sport.

If you are confusing which exercise is good to lose weight, you can follow this article to find correct answers. We already collect some popular sports which are beneficial for anyone with burning calorie.

1/ Jumping rope

Jumping rope is an easy exercise but it brings good benefits for weight loss. Only using one rope and jump up and down continuously. It looks arms and shoulders active and practiced gradually.

Depending on your energy, you can choose distance between jumping and skipping properly. But in general, your leg skips faster, you can burn more calories.

Estimated that one hour with jumping rope in about 120 skips per minute, you will burn 667-990 calories.

To push more power during exercise, you should listen noisy music and jump rope.

2/ Running

Running is another choice to lose weight effectively but simply. Running has other versions like walking, running up and down hill or sprinting. Per type requires speed and particular techniques accordingly.

Depending on your speed and method of running, you will receive a sum of calories. In general, one hour you will burn about 950 calories in one hour with running in a middle level.

3/ Kickboxing

If someone like strong sports, kickboxing should be a good recommendation. On average, one hour you will consume 580 up to 860 calories.

However, this sport requires you to follow rules to sure safety and good effect during practice.

For any beginner, you should follow one guide or instructor to adapt this exercise fast.

In general, kickboxing is popular for the man who prefer to strong activities.