Which workout is good to lose weight

Playing sports become popularity because it brings a lot of benefits for health as well a good way to lose weight. Many people choose playing sport for losing their weight. However, per sport has a different rate to burn calories.

If someone tends to lose weight by workout, you should follow this article. We collect good sports to support your target usefully and fast.

In the previous article, we already recommend you should join jumping rope, running and kickboxing. Let continue to discuss other sports as following:

4/ Weight training

Weight training is a correct choice to lose weight seriously.

Estimated that one person can burn roughly 112 calories within 30 minutes for weight training.

In this sport, you need to use power of hand and leg the most. Then it improves your body to better strength and muscle growth. So, many people choose this game for losing weight purpose.

5/ Interval training

Interval training is also well-known as HIIT standing for high-intensity interval training which combines a short burst of intense exercise and recovery periods. In this game, players feel comfortable to take time in practice then have a break time to take a rest and refresh energy for the next round.

In general, a HIIT workout will last from 10 to 30 minutes and burn about 25 calories in one minute. This number is interesting for someone to prefer burning more calories. This exercise looks effective and easy to follow.

6/ Swimming

Swimming is a popular way to lose weight for all walk of life.

According to study, in a half hour of swimming, you can burn about 233 calories. It is less or more when your power impacts to the current water.

Besides it, kind of swimming also brings different effect. Such as doing breaststroke burns about 372 calories, doing butterfly burns 409 calories and trading water also burn a mount of calories like breaststroke.