What is the meaning of yoga sport?

Yoga is all about gymnastics, spirituality, and discipline. Through physical and mental exercises, self-regulation occurs in silence. So what is the true meaning of yoga?

When approaching yoga, unlike other physical exercises, the practitioner begins to change the way he sees, evaluates, liftsf and thinks positively. Life is complex, but the attitude itself will determine the balance.

When one perceives yoga as an investment rather than a cost, an inward-letting-go mechanism, letting go, choices begin to take place, there is no longer a struggle in thinking, things are light, peaceful. an.

What is the meaning of the origin of Yoga?

From the birth of yoga, are monks, hermits in the process of seeking to explain some questions that in everyday life cannot be explained in words, In the process of meditation, observing and understanding with nature. Applying the laws of nature, observing everything around, conducting the practice and achieving the results were revealed as expected. By observing animals, objects, the way they manifest, etc. and applying them to practice, you see the solar energy opening. Over time the system of exercises was born and developed until today.

That is also why the postures (asanas) have the names of animals and objects.

When the Asanas are the names of objects such as the posture of a table, the posture of a chair, etc., they show stability, motionlessness, tranquility in the soul, no agitation, resolute will, discipline. And in yoga shows balance and stability.

Every practitioner has a different place, so when practicing yoga, each person must learn to listen to the body, respect the body, and do not indulge in emotions. It is such letting go that helps the practitioner to be happy, not to compare, not to be jealous, but to lighten the mood.

As for the instructors, it is the practice and experience that will help the reassuring practitioner, the guide must understand the different places of each person, but there are different ways to guide, not take their own understanding. which impose on the practitioner that must explain the mechanism, how to practice correctly and effectively over the long term.

So when practicing yoga, yogis have to be gentle while moving to minimize the loss of energy. When holding the posture, you must be motionless, calm and focused on the flow of energy to feel the maximum benefit of the pose. It is letting go in that moment to the outside world, the practitioner will feel and identify his second person.