The most basic yoga exercises for beginners (Part 1)

Mastering the basic yoga exercises below will help you strengthen muscles, improve flexibility and prevent injuries during exercise.

Yoga is a general term for physical, mental and spiritual exercises originating from ancient India to help people achieve a state of permanent peace. There are many reasons why Yoga is so attractive to so many people.

Yoga helps improve muscle mass, increase flexibility, balance, relax and reduce stress. Several studies show that Yoga effectively reduces the symptoms of depression, anxiety and chronic pain. Try these basic yoga poses for a healthy and flexible body. 11 basic yoga postures for beginners:

  1. The Child’s Pose

The baby’s position is also called the resting or recovery position. In Sanskrit, the child posture is called balasana. You can also pose the child to stretch the lower back by bending the back to restore fitness. This is a basic yoga posture that anyone can learn in the first session.

Child posture

Proceed as follows.

Sit comfortably on heels.

Bending forward, your forehead touches the floor.

Lower your chest to near your knees until you are comfortable. Arms outstretched forward.

Keep doing that and breathe regularly.

  1. Posture Crow

This is a basic and very funny yoga posture that strengthens the arms, wrists and shoulders; Increase concentration, balance and cognitive ability of the body.

Crow pose

The way to practice is as follows.

Squat on toes, open two knees.

Hands on the carpet, fingers spread, elbows bent, elbows facing out.

You take a deep breath, bring your knees against your arms, slowly raise your toes.

Lean forward and bend your legs together, putting weight on your hands.

Hold this position for about 1 minute and breathe freely.

With this, you need to do it slowly to avoid injury.

  1. Pigeons Pose

Pigeons or Eka Pada Rajakapotasana, is a posture that energizes the body and helps treat infertility.

You practice this position as follows.

Raise your right leg, rest your left knee on the carpet, hands down.

Take a deep breath, kick your left knee back, press against the floor, and exhale.

Right leg stretched, bent in front as shown below.

Back back forward.

Hold this motion for about 1 minute and switch sides.

Do that 5 times.