The best time of the day to practice yoga (Part 2)

Morning is considered the golden time of Yoga. This time is very quiet, fresh air, the spirit of the practitioner is also very comfortable. Gentle yoga movements will wake up the entire senses, help you stay awake, the body is full of energy. The morning is a time when muscles and joints are more likely to stiffen after a long night of inactivity. Therefore, yoga is the method to stretch and increase flexibility for these parts.

Besides, the yoga also enhances the metabolism, increases muscular flexibility, bringing the perfect training effect. This is also the time when the body produces the least amount of sweat. Therefore, doing yoga in the morning is good for your health and can prevent dehydration.

Yoga exercises help wake up the body in the morning

Wait for a cup of coffee, start your day with these yoga exercises!


The morning is thought to be a good time to get your body moving with yoga. According to health experts, the period of 5 to 7 hours is the best time to practice yoga. A few light movements will « wake up » the mind and body, help you have more energy for the new day.


You can choose to exercise indoors, outdoors, in the park or in the gym. Choose a place with open and peaceful space. Avoid doing yoga under the sun, cold breeze or where there are many insects that make you easily lose focus.


The extra support items such as carpets. straps and cushions will help you get into the movements more easily. These accessories support quite a lot for beginners, the elderly.


When practicing yoga, you should choose simple and comfortable clothes. Because, during practice, you will move more easily.


If you are a beginner to yoga, get used to Asana, followed by Pranayama and finally meditation. Doing sequential exercises makes it easier for you to get into the action. Asana helps you with your physical training, while Pranayama is mentally inclined to focus on meditation.