Some mistakes in yoga that should be avoided (Part 1)

  1. Breathing improperly

Breath while practicing yoga is one of the basic but very important exercises. However, practicing deep breathing habits during yoga is often overlooked by many people. This is quite a common mistake.

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So how do breathing exercises in yoga play? In fact, breathing in the right way to practice yoga is the most effective way to regulate the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the body, balancing the yin and yang, thus helping to fight off various types of diseases.

The principle of breathing in yoga is « inhale the abdomen, breathe out and breathe in your belly ». You must practice this way of breathing regularly to form a natural reflex habit.

  1. Not warming up before doing yoga

Any sport cannot ignore this part. In yoga, too, the warm-up phase is a must if you don’t want to be injured while practicing.

So take about 15 minutes to start basic exercises for your neck, arms, legs, back, and shoulders, to help stretch your muscles. This is an initial step for the body to gradually adapt to movements with higher workout intensity. If you practice on your own, you need to study the yoga exercises at home the best way to get the most effective.

Master basic yoga exercises to strengthen muscles and supple.

  1. Let your body be too hungry or eat too full

To ensure enough energy for the exercise process, you should not leave your body too hungry, especially for people with low blood pressure. You should eat a little fruit, nuts or vegetable juice before practicing for about 2 hours.

Conversely, you should not eat too much before practicing. When the stomach is full of food, your body lacks flexibility, makes it difficult to exercise, and causes abdominal injuries, as well as internal organs. If you eat too much, wait about 3-4 hours after eating to start training.

When practicing yoga, pay attention to the diet.