Learn About The Most Popular Yoga Types In The World (Part 2)

Vinyasa Yoga

In Indian, the word « Vinyasa » means « connected, » each of your movements being combined with the breath (breathing in, exhaling).

Vinyasa is a branch of Ashtanga Yoga so the movements will also be practiced at a fast and continuous pace, but there will be no set rules or special movements in this Vinyasa Yoga class. Teachers can freely create and build a more spiritual exercise when combining breathing, mantras (Om chanting) and meditation, a Vinyasa Yoga session often ends with resting position.

Vinyasa classes will be very suitable if you are looking for a class that is fast paced and likes to change yoga poses regularly.

Bikram Yoga

Created by yoga expert: Bikram Choudhury, the main feature of this type of Yoga is to practice Yoga in a room heated at an average temperature of about 38 – 40 degrees C and 40% humidity.

During the 90 minute series of exercises there will be 26 basic postures that are performed twice and two breathing exercises. Exercising at this temperature, we will eliminate toxins, increase heart rate, increase blood circulation and increase flexibility of muscles

Remember to drink plenty of water to make up after Bikram Yoga.

Hot Yoga

Yoga is quite similar to Bikram Yoga, but you are not limited to a series of 26 postures that can be more creative. Hot Yoga and Bikram Yoga are suitable for those who like to practice sports in sweaty and liberated condition.

Kripalu Yoga

If you are looking for a type of spiritual yoga then you should try exploring with Kripalu Yoga. Not as rigid as other types of Yoga, Kripalu allows you to modify the postures according to your needs and fitness.

Kripalu Yoga was created and named by Amrit Desai in the 1980s, in Indian, the word « kripalu » means « compassion ». Kripalu Yoga is a great way to develop mind, body and mind.