How often should we practice yoga to get the best effects? (Part 2)

Yoga should be done early in the morning and before going to bed at night. This will help you have a relaxed spirit, before the start of the new day and relax, sleep better in the evening.

Surely for everyone before Yoga will ask the question such as What is the effect of Yoga and how long will it take to achieve the effect? These questions are not superfluous because when you understand the effects of them, you will be motivated to persevere in practice.

Yoga has many health and body benefits. The most typical can be mentioned to lose weight, help the body supple, the mind relax, the soul is pure. When practicing Yoga, you will minimize both injuries and everyday stress.

With this subject, depending on the level, exercises and training schedule, the time to get the effect of each person will not be the same.

If you’re serious about it, you can easily feel the change after one to two weeks. The first manifestations are feelings of relaxation and mental comfort. A few weeks later, your body begins to become more flexible, your breathing becomes smooth and your body gentle.

The best effect is the change in shape. You will get a slim, slim waist with clearer curves after 1 to 2 weeks of hard work with Yoga.

Notes when practicing Yoga

Not only should focus on the time and class exercises, but you should also grasp the following notes to practice Yoga to the maximum effect:

Maintain a reasonable diet to replenish energy for the body, support effective training. Fresh foods like vegetables and cereals are encouraged.

Should eat well before practicing Yoga to have energy, not afraid of being exhausted. However, do not eat too full and must rest at least 30 minutes before training.

Drink plenty of water every day to keep the body full of vitality.

Learning how to regulate breathing when practicing Yoga is extremely important. When your breathing is in harmony with Yoga movements, then Yoga will really bring influence and efficiency to your body and health.

Should choose yoga mat patterns to suit the level and exercises you aim to. For example, choose a good anti-slip carpet pattern in exercises that need balance, thicker rugs with handstands for example.