Higuain shined to help Juventus win over Leverkusen

Gonzalo Higuain became the main character in the match Juventus won Leverkusen 3-0.

Higuain started to shine from the 17th minute, when he made an outstanding handling and opened the scoring for Juventus. After defender Jonathan Tah headed the long ball of Cuadrado, the Argentine striker defended the ball and immediately launched a low shot to defeat goalkeeper Hradecky.

Higuain’s table really changed the game. It came while Juventus didn’t have many chances to threaten the goal of Leverkusen.

From the effort to keep the ball and try to break the game of Juventus, Leverkusen must attack more. Thanks to the change of the opponent, the new Serie A champion has many opportunities to counterattack and score more goals.

Not long after the opening goal, Higuain almost doubled the gap when finishing from the left edge of the penalty area. Drawing on experience from the previous situation, Hradecky corrected with a wise save.

Cristiano Ronaldo also has the opportunity, but lacks the grace to score. In the face-to-face situation after 57 minutes, he shot directly into Hradecky.

When the game went into the 62nd minute, Higuain once again shone. From the breakout and crossing from the left of the Argentine striker, Bernardeschi shot in an empty posture to make the score 2-0.

Scoring an important goal and creating another important one, Higuain is returning to the position of the player who was loved by Juventus fans in particular and Serie A in general. This is also the reason why coach Maurizio Sarri decided to keep him after coming back from Chelsea.

Higuain shot with one more clean move when passing from the left wing to Ronaldo standing empty. However, like last time, CR7 did not win against Hradecky.

Ronaldo only had luck in the third time. After receiving a Dybala cross in the 89th minute, the Portuguese star shot « threaded » Hradecky to seal a 3-0 victory.

The big victory over Leverkusen meant that Juventus took the lead of Group D. They had the same four points but more than the difference compared to Atletico, the team won Lokomotive Moscow 2-0 in the match at the same time.

After winning the leading position in the Champions League, Juventus was able to safely prepare for the great battle with Inter. In Serie A, Higuain and his teammates are two points behind the blue and black shirt.