Eva Ruchpaul – “grandmother” of yoga in Europe (Part 2)

Practicing hatha yoga, Eva Ruchpaul found renewable energy in her body. It was also a motivation for Eva to decide to develop this subject in Europe, where at that time few people knew about yoga. Along with the support of her father and husband, Eva spent all her time studying yoga, a school of famous philosophy discovered by Indians for a long time. In 1965, she published her first book to introduce the public to the subject as well as the benefits of yoga.

Since then, she has written dozens of yoga books such as « Psychology and yoga practice », « Hatha yoga », « Yoga according to Eva Ruchpaul »,etc. The common point of the books is to emphasize that Yoga is an attached subject with long life. Her books contributed and developed general yoga, Eva Ruchpaul-style hatha yoga in particular, in Europe.

In 1970, with the support of her husband, Eva opened her first yoga class in Europe. By 1971, she established the Eva Ruchpaul Training Center. This is the first center in France as well as in Europe to train students to become teachers of yoga in the future. Here, the students learned « Eva Ruchpaul’s method ». This method pays special attention to breathing, considering this is the key of all. Hatha yoga uses the « method of Eva Ruchpaul » as a gentle method that involves stretching muscles and joints without exceeding personal ability. Students are aware of their breathing, an essential feature of the entire lesson.

The posture and the corresponding natural breathing rest the mind, relax the body and provide inner calm at the end of the lesson. « Yoga is not a medicine, it does not cure anything. It only makes our health and spirit better than before », said Eva.

After nearly 47 years of establishment, Eva Ruchpaul Center has trained thousands of hatha yoga teachers to use the « Eva Ruchpaul method », bringing it to develop not only in France but also in many countries in the world.