Disadvantage of practicing yoga

Yoga is one of the most popular exercises in the modern life, especially for the women and officials. Finishing one day for working, you can come back home and spend 30 minutes to do yoga through videos on YouTube. It saves your time and brings a lot of benefits for health, mental.

Although we can’t deny benefits from yoga, it still exits some drawbacks. It’s better you should consider between pros and cons to reach great value of exercise. Following our article to see top disadvantage of practicing yoga.

1/ Yoga impact on your blood pressure

In yoga process, it can help you to stay fit and healthy, but it also affects badly to carpal tunnel syndrome and destabilize joints which leads to tendinitis. So, it will cause the blood pressure. It’s not good news for someone in problem about high blood pressure.

2/ Physical danger from yoga

Someone has just recovered from any medical treatments or surgeries, doing yoga is not good which leading recovering longer, even causing physical dangers.

Some postures in yoga will impact directly to bones so you are in trouble about pain or tiredness faster. So, it’s better that you shouldn’t practice yoga as soon as finishing an injury to avoid being hurt for muscles strain and glaucoma later.

3/ Increase risk of stroke

This case will happen in 2 cases: firstly, beginner doesn’t comply correct poses without any supervision as theory or some pro players do it excessively. When they reach maximum of durability but they still try to complete exercise, risk of stroke can cause, especially playing intense and bends pose, it is easy to lead serious injuries.

As consequence, players can be strokes or nerve damage. It’s better to follow instructions carefully from guide to avoid any risks for health.