Benefits of yoga and how to practice yoga to lose weight?

If you want to lose weight, have supple health and a refreshing spirit, we would like to introduce you to an extremely perfect option, which is Yoga to lose weight.

Surely many of us have at least heard of the phrase Yoga for weight loss.Yoga gradually became popular in Vietnam and became a great companion with us (especially women). on the step of fitness and owning a dream body. Yoga according to the Sanskrit origin is a combination of body and mind, between humans and the Universe.

In short, YOGA is a training method through which people can prevent, repel disease and promote health, from which there is a relaxed soul, control our emotions and impatience, help our lives become better and happier.

Yoga is known as an aesthetic exercise that the practitioner does not have to exercise much but still produces a lot of sweat. So yoga is known for a great use for women, which is weight loss. Yoga for weight loss includes many exercises, regimes and movements ranging from simple to complex.

Benefits of yoga

Reduce stress

Doing yoga can reduce the activity of inflammatory proteins in the body, thereby helping you stay healthy and better control your mood.

Improve brain function

Just 20 minutes of yoga a day, you can improve cognitive function, increase concentration and memory to work, study.

Increase flexibility

Regular yoga will work to help the shoulders, lower back and hamstrings flexible, while reducing body fat.

Stabilize blood pressure

Yoga practitioners will have more stable blood pressure than those who participate in other physical activities such as walking, lifting weights.

Reduce the risk of heart disease

Yoga can reduce cardiovascular risk factors such as high blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar.

Effective slimming

Doing yoga helps you stay fit, healthy and develop your muscles, which promotes the effective weight loss process.

Body awareness

Every day you move and feel even the smallest movement of the body. Over time, exercises increase your comfort level. This helps you to better understand your body, from which a relaxed mind and confidence in yourself.