8 principles of yoga every beginner should know (Part 2)

  1. Choose the right exercise

Yoga is a discipline that requires proper and sufficient practice in order to achieve the maximum effect. First, you need to learn and choose basic yoga exercises at home, then gradually lift up to the harder movements. In particular, yoga also requires consistent with the health and fitness goals of each person.

For those who are intending to do yoga at home, they should pay more attention to the movements that are difficult to practice or have never been practiced, to avoid the possibility of injury. As mentioned above, the best option for newbies is to go to the gym to practice with the trainer before starting yoga at home. You can buy yoga equipment here.

  1. Exercise regularly

Yoga requires high accuracy and requires perseverance over the long term. The impatience, the desire to act quickly, yoga is not for you.

The principle when practicing yoga, you need to follow is to practice regularly, regularly, according to the process, technique and perseverance to the end. As long as you adhere to these principles, practicing yoga will surprise you. In particular, yoga is a great choice for those who want to lose weight effectively.

  1. Appropriate diet

The best time to practice yoga is early in the morning before breakfast and before dinner. Never practice when you’ve finished eating, wait at least 2-3 hours after eating to start training and note that eating only after at least 30 minutes.

In terms of diet, you should choose healthy foods, eat in moderation, preferably when you’re hungry. In particular, should avoid foods that affect psychology and eat only when calm to control the amount of food intake.

  1. Feel your body

Never force your body to overwork to avoid causing injury. You need to feel your body to know your endurance and make proper adjustments.

Above are 8 principles you should remember when practicing yoga. Hope the information is useful for you.