7 reasons you should practice yoga today (Part 2)

Yoga is a relatively effective method to help build and maintain body shape, standing posture and standard posture because it includes breathing and postures that require a straight back to be effective.

3. Yoga helps to breathe more properly

A very important part of yoga is breathing, or « pranayama« , which is combined with the practice of yoga. The movements encourage the practitioner to breathe in concentration, focusing on the breath (which we often do unconsciously), helping the practitioner to control stress effectively and thereby making us feel see better.
Also, for people with asthma, yoga breathing really helps them to open their chest and explore the effect of concentrated breathing. Believe and practice yoga breathing methods, then you will realize the benefits it brings.

4. Yoga helps improve sleep quality

A small but important benefit for people who practice yoga is to get deeper and more quality sleep. This may be the result of movement and stretching of the gentle muscle mass that the practitioner performs before going to bed. However, regardless of the truth, studies have shown that light physical activity before going to bed will help you fall asleep faster and thus have a better sleep.
This result may stem from the fact that you are a person who is difficult to sleep and therefore through the practice of yoga the pain symptoms are minimized and the ability to have a good sleep is greatly increased. Another possibility is that most yoga movements include relaxation at the end and thanks to helping sleep come faster and easier. Some people even fall asleep in class. Believe me, this therapy is really effective and should be done at home.

5. Yoga helps improve body shape

A beautiful body shape is sure you will achieve if you practice yoga on a regular basis. When you first start, your silhouette will be slightly shackled, standing, sitting typical of people who often do desk work, but practicing yoga will help you gradually stretch your spine and back will gradually straighten back; so your shape will look taller and you will feel really better.