7 reasons you should practice yoga today (Part 3)

The benefits of yoga are making this sport more and more popular in the world thanks to its visible positive effects. Not only does it improve body shape and make the body more supple, but Yoga also helps relax the mind.

6. Yoga helps both physically and mentally

Another effect of yoga helps you to gain physical and mental strength at a level you never think of. The main goal of yoga is to develop body strength so that you can meditate longer and muscle relaxation exercises will ensure a healthy body.

Yoga breathing exercises will increase the volume of the lungs and, thanks to good lung function and large expansion, will increase the health and activity of the muscles. With that, yoga movements force you to focus on movements and when meditating, you need to be calm and focused; thereby reducing stress and improving mental capacity.

According to the British Psychological Association, the effects of yoga include concentration and breathing mastery – the best way to relieve stress. You can practice with a warrior position to provide flexibility for the whole body and reduce stress. This movement carries the spirit from the name itself to help the strong practitioner resist the stress and anxiety in the mind.

7. Meditation helps a better life

Meditation is the key to yoga. Although it is possible to perform difficult movements, it is not effective to fail to perform it concentratively. Over time, meditation has demonstrated practical benefits that people can get if done daily.

Meditation does not have to be done with chanting, in a dark room with incense. In fact, you can meditate anywhere quiet and at any time you like. Just spend 5 minutes sitting alone in a quiet and peaceful place. Meditation helps to improve the quality of life by allowing the mind to eliminate all worries and stress. This is an important and indispensable part when practicing yoga. It can really change your life, keep you calm and peaceful in every difficult situation.

With all the benefits above, hope you now know how good it is to take up yoga.